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Rusty Gears


1) Scripting enemy basic behavior that includes movement, abilities, and state machines.

2) Connecting SFX, VFX, and Animation to code.

3) Creating AI that combines all parts of code and make enemy more natural.

4) Specifically for this project I've developed actor that called "Enemy Control Volume". This actor selects all enemies in an area and give them orders. It helps with changing the pace of a fight, spawning more enemies , and controlling difficulty of a fight.


Rusty Gears is 3D platformer game there player uses light gun to create path to proceed through the level.

Gun creates small platforms that allows player to create paths through level layout. Player needs to guess and build correct path to complete level.

Key design features.

1) Creating platforms

3) Save system.

4) Collectibles 




First Person / Platformer


Game Engine

Unreal Engine 4



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