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1) Scripting enemy basic behavior that includes movement, abilities, and state machines.

2) Connecting SFX, VFX, and Animation to code.

3) Creating AI that combines all parts of code and make enemy more natural.

4) Specifically for this project I've developed actor that called "Enemy Control Volume". This actor selects all enemies in an area and give them orders. It helps with changing the pace of a fight, spawning more enemies , and controlling difficulty of a fight.


Hunted is 3D First Person Stealth game there player takes control over prisoner that transforms into a monster to stage the prison break.



Gameplay is based around stealth mechanics, movement that includes sprint, leap, and jump with climb, and around close combat. There are also dialog system which based on using Excel Files. All enemies have Behavior tree component. Interface includes health and energy bars. Player's health was made low for this specific level goals.

Key design features.

1) Various movement options: leaps, different types of sprints, jumps to specific points.

2) Stealth: hiding in a smoke, under certain object, avoiding detection.

3) Dialog system that connects Excel files to NPC and track progression of quest.

4) Close combat.




First Person / Stealth 

Game Engine

Unreal Engine 4



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