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Divine Directive



Divine Directive is 2D metroidvania hacknslash game there player uses platformer mechanics to pass through level obstacles and complex combat system to surpass enemies. Gameplay was inspired by games like Hollow Knight, Blasphemous, and Mortal Kombat. 

Currently game is split on two parts: Playable Level and Tutorial with combat system. In tutorial I work and test combat mechanics and enemy AI. In level I replace placeholder assets with my own and create playable path based on story I'm working on. Since game in the development, it is being updated upon certain sections of gameplay are ready.

Playable character design, animation, SFX, VFX and UI/UX was developed by me.  

Key features:

1) Combat system is based on combining regular sword attack with different spells. Each successful attack improves next casted spell. 

2) Each type of spell has its advantages and strategy to use. Player can equip two types at the same time and switch to another easily. 

3) Each type of spell has either buffs for player or status effects for enemies. 

4) Each enemy has certain stats that determine resistance to certain types of spells. Player needs to find effective combinations to be effective against each enemy. 

5) Each enemy has its own type of behavior in combat: enemies can work in teams, have careful approach to player, or even predict player's actions. (In Development) 

Developed Through


Game Engine

Unreal Engine 5


2D Metroidvania Hacknslash


PC / XBox / PS5

Playable Level

Combat Tutorial

Old systems / Old Name

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